April 3, 2020

Don’t be afraid to use a different design process.

It's a great time to live in, technology is always evolving... always looking forward to the next software update to see what new tools have been developed. For some, this is just too much, as they're used to using always the same three or more programs. Having the right set of tools is great but what about working with them to create the next big thing? 

Don't let anyone ever tell you you're using the wrong design tool or process. We designers love to argue with each other on the tools being used, but in reality, is there a specific guideline you should follow? 

The answer is no, being a designer teaches you that you should follow your own set of rules and guides. Everyone works at their own pace, you need to learn the software first and then create your own shortcuts. Don't let anyone put you down for not using the system they are used to. Being able to adapt comes handy when working as a team, discuss how you're going about your project and what process you are using as this will help the project get finished smoothly without any complications along the way, keeping the team members and yourself happy.

How do you come up with the right design process? 

Well there's a saying that goes by: "Practice makes perfect", and the truth is that yes practice makes you more confident using that particular design process you've been polishing for months. Creating self-initiated projects is a great way to learn tools and new software, one can always share them on Behance or similar platforms for feedback and constructive criticism from several professionals in the industry. 

If you're working on a project alone, this is the perfect time to practice that same process you created. Picking up the right set of tools is important as this will help you reach your goal or deadline in a timely efficient manner. Afterall tools are there to help you, choose wisely. 

Most of all don't let the design process set you back, as long as you complete your work you are doing fine. Focus on the end product rather than the process of creating it. 

March 19, 2020

Creatives Malta: What’s Happening?

Back in 2017, a group of creatives had a vision; To build a local community of individuals from the creative industry. Their aim was simple, to create and inspire! Fast forward to 2020 and Creatives Malta has become a hub for sharing portfolio work. Anyone from graphic designers, photographers, and other artists are encouraged to share their work with the community through Creatives Malta’s social media. The organisation has even organised a couple of spectacular events that gave local artists a chance to exhibit their work, meet and collaborate with other creatives.

Behance Portfolio Review

In 2017, Creatives Malta in collaboration with the MCAST Institute of Creative Arts organised the Behance Portfolio Review. Students and other artists got the opportunity to submit their portfolio and receive guidance and advice from renowned Maltese artists; Kurt Paris, Luke Azzoppardi, Matthew Demarco and Matthew Stroud. Four participants were also awarded the Behance Portfolio Appreciation Coin for the best portfolios of the night!

Behance Portfolio Review Event Photo

50 Posters for Malta

In 2018, Creatives Malta issued a call for artists. It was later announced that 50 participants were chosen to submit a poster that would later be exhibited at the President’s Palace, San Anton. The artists were given full creative freedom to design something reflective of Malta. The posters were put up for auction and all proceeds were later donated to three different charities: The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, Children in Need Foundation and Do Project.

50 Posters for Malta Exhibition Photo

2020: The new decade brought about change for the organisation. Starting with a revamp of their look & branding! A clean, modern and sophisticated logo featuring custom typography was designed giving Creatives Malta a fresh new look.

What’s next for Creatives Malta?

Creatives Malta are venturing out and building a creative directory. Local creatives are encouraged to fill out a form and submit their portfolios to join the community and receive the latest updates. The organisation aims to offer free recruitment services to local agencies and companies looking for freelancers or employees. Check it out!

Head to Creatives Malta’s Facebook Page to stay updated with their latest events, and perhaps get inspired! Check out their Behance team page to view projects from members of the community. 

Have any ideas or suggestions you’d like to pass onto the Creatives Malta team? Send an email on creativesmalta@gmail.com – let’s create and inspire!