Amongst the creative industry, one might find themselves wondering, should I follow the current design trends? 

Keeping up with the latest trends in the industry can play an important role in creative designing however, this all depends on the purpose of the project. Anything having to do with design work depends on the desired final outlook. This of course also comes down to the client commissioning the job. One should ask themselves, is the client looking to stick to current trends or do they want to stand out and go totally the opposite direction? It all comes down to taste, I guess. Design is very subjective, some might be courageous enough to want to try something that has never been done before, something that is bold and stands out. Whilst others would prefer to play it safe and stick to what they know works well.

When it comes to design trends, this all depends on the client you're working on. One should ask the question: Is the client looking for something which is trending at the moment or something with a design life-span of let's say ten years? While others might want something cool and new as never seen before, some prefer playing it safe. Following trends sometimes is a bit risky, as new trends will take over the current ones. 

How should you tackle trends? 

Trends exist for a reason, they are meant to be developed, one should inspire themselves from the current trends and work on their innovative ideas. Why not create your very own unique trend? Putting your own style onto something will set you apart from other creatives. It may be challenging at first but definitely worth it! Make sure to keep an eye out for such trends on websites like Behance and Dribbble aka our all-time favourite sources of inspiration! Bonus tip; remember good design, takes time. 

Don't be afraid to take risks!

Design trends are all about experimentation and taking risks. Risks will help you throughout the process of building your own style, staying fresh and original. Dare yourself to do the opposite of what you've just seen, who knows, maybe you’ll set a whole new design trend! Most importantly, don't think about trends too much. Who knows better about what you’re working on? That’s right you! Stay fresh, think creatively and do you.  

Have a look at Zack Ritchie's work, an illustrator who built his own trend through his illustrations. At first glance you know it's something Zack designed, and this is because he built his own recognisable style. Have a look at some of his work below. 

Don't follow the trend, but create one!